2019 – AbeStock acquired Sale-Star and buys Dr. Stern’s trademark

AbeStock acquired wholesale food and consumer goods business Sale-Star. The merger of two companies makes AbeStock one of Estonia’s most important convenience goods wholesalers. By expanding the product portfolio, AbeStock can now provide additional services, such as brand marketing and product placement service, but in particular to provide even better service quality and efficiency to its partners.

With the purchase of Sale-Star, AbeStock’s product portfolio expanded with products from Mondelez, Borjomi, Paulig, Saint Agur, Jacobs Krönung, Caprice, Finn Chrisp and Loodusvägi. These changes allow us to better serve our partners, create synergies based on the product category, and meet the needs of consumers!

Most Sales-Star staff will continue to work in AbeStock. All Sales-Star trade and customer contracts will continue to be delivered through Smarten Logistics under the same conditions as Smarten Logistics is now AbeStock’s logistics partner.

AbeStock buys a well-known Estonian trademark Dr. Stern that has been providing quality products for pets for more than 15 years. Dr. Stern is made in cooperation with Estonian veterinarians.

2018 – Year of changes

AbeStock turned a new page in development and started to contribute more to the future of the company in order to adapt better to the trends of the changing economic environment. In this context, changes were made in existing roles and new people were involved in plan implementation.

Mart Vips joined the council in June, at the end of September, Ago Raudsepp started to manage the work of the board and since September, Margus Leiar started as the new CEO of AbeStock. Throughout September, Ago and Margus worked together to make the transition to executive management smooth and to gather as many ideas as possible to map the company’s vision for the future. Margus is responsible for all AbeStock’s strategic and operational goals. Margus has extensive work experience in the FMCG sector in the Baltics and Estonia, with over 20 years of sales and management experience in international corporations such as Colgate-Palmolive and MARS. Margus brings with him extensive international supplier experience while also having a good understanding of local wholesale and retail strategies.

2017- ABC Group started using Axapta’s economic information system

The ABC Group started using Axapta program, which enables the entire group’s business process to be managed in a single, complete solution.

2016 – ABC Group is relinquishing its logistics business

ABC Group’s owner company sold Landcom JV warehouse and logistics company Agora DC JV to JV, a company registered in Estonia and of Lithuanian origin. At the same time, Agora DC JV will continue to provide logistics services to AbeStock Ltd.

Ando Nõupuu, Member of the Management Board of Agora DC JV, led the company until the end of the year and then launched a new international B2B e-commerce company within ABC Group.

ABC Group relinquished the logistics business and launched two international sales and marketing companies, Uniced Ltd. and Continental FIT Ltd.


The current five sales divisions will be replaced with four. Work begins in a new division T Trading (T is for Toit – food) that is set up in place of Nest Trading and will deal with food and pet products. G Trading department will merge with Safo and will sell near food. Reorganization does not affect trade and VIO Trade and International SMD departments.