AbeStock provides full spectrum of distribution services across wide range of product categories: import, warehousing, logistics, sales and marketing. If necessary, we also provide post-sales support, packaging management, etc.
Our strengths are flexibility, efficient logistics and strong IT support.
We offer efficient and reliable cooperation to our clients and partners. We have 25 years of experience on the Estonian market, which guarantees to our business partners fast and profitable market entry based on high-quality distribution services and risks minimization. Our sales divisions are managed by experienced leaders, proficient in their areas of business: Raivo Kokmann (food, pet food), Küllike Mats (household chemicals, perfumery, batteries, adhesives, light sources), Marin Ige (lingerie, hosiery), Dmitry Žmuds (home appliances, batteries, Baltic market).

Since 2011 we provide distribution services across all Baltic markets – in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. AbeStock efficiently and profitably manages wide and complicated product range. We have established a supply chain with a central warehouse in Tallinn for Braun, Oral-B and Duracell and provide flexible deliveries to Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. All average and slow moving products, incl. industrial goods as well as food products that do not need to be stored at special temperatures, fit well into our pan-Baltic product portfolio.