April 28, 2022

AbeStore was nominated for “Most User-Friendly E-Shop 2022”

We are pleased to announce that our AbeStore e-shop has been selected as the “Most User-Friendly E-Shop 2022” in the food and beverage category. We enter the competition with such big players as Selver, Rimi, Prisma, Ecoop, Barbora, and others.

The e-shops to be evaluated were selected based on Google incognito – the search was selected by those who would be the best in the search. In addition, the user experience is also an important competitive advantage, because this is where we can be better than our competitors.

On May 11, the winner of each category and also the winner of all e-shops, or the Grand Prix, will be announced at the e-commerce UX conference.

You can read about other finalists and categories on Kaubandus.ee.