February 1, 2022

AbeStock 30

In 2022, AbeStock AS celebrates its 30th year of operation. AbeStock was founded in 1992 and today we operate in three Baltic countries. We belong to the ABC Group, which is a group of companies based in the Estonian capital, uniting companies from different fields. Over the years, we have had a long-term and well-functioning cooperation with high-quality and reliable resellers across the Baltics.

During its 30 years of operation, the world’s leading manufacturers and well-known brands have been added to our product portfolio. We are the official importer and distributor of a large part of the products in the product portfolio in Estonia and the representative of electronics products in the Baltics. The company’s own product portfolio includes Dr. Stern, Loodusvägi, and AbeStore and Veinisõber e-shops.

We offer all the necessary services for the distribution of goods and bring new and innovative products to the market. As a result of years of cooperation, we have made many products the market leaders in our fields.

The high quality of the service we offer has created a loyal customer base, and thanks to our long-term experience, we are able to ensure fast and profitable entry into the new market for our business partners, high quality of service, and minimization of risks. We are also able to manage a large and complex range of products with high quality and profit.

Our values ​​are honesty with customers, colleagues, and partners; respect for the thoughts, values ​​, and ideas of our customers, and development to be the best at working efficiently and innovatively. We have grown strongly over the years and we employ more than 60 people.